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March 18, 2020
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May 8, 2020
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How to avoid quality mismatch during final delivery with original approved samples while finalizing uniforms for school?

When you order uniforms, you can deal with a situation when you encounter quality mismatch. These things can happen, and it’s an unfortunate situation. But you don’t have any control over something like this, so what can you actually do in order to prevent any quality mismatch in the future? There are numerous things to take into account here.

Ask for delivery in smaller batches

Instead of getting 1000 failed uniforms at once, you can split orders into smaller batches. This way you might still end up with a quality mismatch, but it will be on a much lower number. And that’s obviously going to matter quite a lot, since you will have more focus on value and a great experience. The most important aspect here is that you’re getting a tremendous experience and you will be heavily impressed with the outcome. It’s going to be worth it, so try to consider that as much as you can.

Set the right standard

It’s a good idea to talk with the manufacturer and ask for some updates and even some pictures of the finished products. It will offer a good insight into what you can expect and the value that can be brought to the table. Understanding that and the challenges that can potentially arise is a very good idea. You do need to pay a lot of attention to the process, and the results will be well worth it.

Share the correct details and work on a couple of samples first

Even if your original approved samples are ok, you will still need to do some more just to ensure everything works the way you want. Although it might seem counter-intuitive to continue with a small order size, it does make sense to opt for such an approach because it offers a better chance of not dealing with a quality mismatch.

Work with a single manufacturer

There are situations when companies outsource uniform manufacturing to multiple companies. Obviously there’s a higher risk of dealing with something wrong when you have multiple manufacturers. That’s why it makes sense to just work with one of them, and the results can be among some of the best every time. You will appreciate the process and the entire experience, we guarantee that and you will not have to worry about any issues that can arise.

Is it possible for a quality mismatch to appear between samples and the final product? Of course, these things happen all the time. What really matters is how you choose to deal with that kind of issue and how you manage everything. Thankfully, if you do this right, nothing will stand in your way. We encourage you to avoid any rush and really focus on professionalism. Something as simple as communicating and asking for more samples as production is underway is a very good idea. It can take a little bit of time from your side to avoid a quality mismatch, but it’s certainly possible!

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