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Young faces smiling at you: this is the shape of your web portal. As you open up to our website you shall be greeted with a band of cherubim faces. We are the school uniform accessories manufacturers that guarantees that smiling face for your child as well. We shall procure the best uniform in terms of quality and finish for your child. We guarantee the tranquility for years.

Not only the proper uniform, we are proficient in making the uniform accessories as well. As a We make the finest belts and badges for the school. While making the school belts this must be kept in minds that this stuff shall go through a lot of wear and tear. Thus the material must be very authentic. Otherwise it shall tear off very soon. The buckles are the second thing to be taken under consideration. We make the best buckle in the market which does stay on for a long time. We make the leather belts and the cloth material belts as and when requisite. The bands have elastic which stay intact for a long time. To be precise the range of the material for the belts is canvas, nylon, polyester, synthetic leather and pure leather. The types of buckles range between powder coated buckles, SS buckles and brass Buckles. The durability and the elasticity of these stiff is ensured. The prices are not high and easy to procure through the online portals.

The socks are the second thing for consideration. The socks must be of the superior quality as this shall keep the feet covered for hours. If the sock is not of good quality then it can damage the feet as well. Thus we make the finest sock for the child. We give the best fabric for the sock. The range of the materials includes cotton Lycia, nylon, and polyester as per the specifications given by the buyer. The socks can be striped or can be plain. There is a wide range of colors that are covered by us. Our wardrobe has a wide range of sock materials. The important features of the socks are durability, dimensional stability, shrinkage control, pilling resistant, good color fastness, soft feel, comfort and perfect fit.

The badges are the next thing of precision that are made by us. The badges bear the identity of the school. Thus these products are made with great care. These are made on best high performance machines. There are many types of badges found in our wardrobe like the school badges, school emblems in woven badge, metal badge with powder coating & school logo engraved, which is attached on girls top, girls tunic, girls & boys shirt, sweaters, cardigan & jackets. We look to it that the name of the school is finely engraved on the costume. The best machines with us look to it that the badges have the best features of image and symbol / logo clarity, densely woven, good color fastness, durability and shrinkage control.

Next comes, Tie. A school tie indicates membership of a particular school. We design ties with school logo with long lasting uses. It's light weight, and uses high quality fabrics with seamless stiches. Thus we are the best uniform badge, sock and belt supplier at easy rates and easier mode of payments.


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