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In 16th century, United Kingdom had introduced the concept of School uniform, it is believed to be used by the Christ Hospital School in London in 1552. Uniforms are the best known structures of student dresses as compared to other types which consist of uniforms worn by students participating in higher professional training.

Stitched using high grade fabrics and other allied textile by our experienced fabricators; we are the biggest supplier in market to our patrons on a very reasonable rate. As a leading school uniform manufacturers in Mumbai (India), We prepare and manufacture wide range of uniforms in full agreement with high standards and theme.

Our clients shall stay relaxed of the quality and design factor. We provide various types of customized uniforms in all major cities in India.


  • School Shirts

  • School Trouser

  • School Skirts

  • School Cardigans

  • School Jakets

  • School Blazers

  • School PT Uniform

  • School Track Suits

  • Nursery Uniform

  • Pre School Uniform

  • Uniform Accessories

  • School Sports Uniform

  • School Pinafore

  • School Salwar Suit

  • School Sweaters

  • SChool Hoodies

  • School Half Pants

  • School Caps

  • School Frock

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School has been an inevitable right of every person right from the birth with no restriction and discrimination intact. One thing that drives everyone to work hard and learn in school is equality. Equality in terms of dresses worn or food eaten or facilities provided.


  • A School Uniform is one the most important factor that drives uniformity and also equality.
  • It also helps to promote the healthy environment spirit and saves time on what to wear for school.
  • Through simplicity, uniforms promote time efficiency, organization, and neatness.
  • Parents and students agree that starting the day in a positive mood is the key to a productive and happy day, this will also help the students to build up on their eagerness to learn and prosper.
  • This is a very useful ability for teachers and if it means fewer children going missing it's of course a good thing.


  • The process of school uniform starts from procuring all the raw materials such as fabrics, machineries,etc. As per the market needs, there are varieties of fabrics to choose from such as dyed/bleached/printed cotton/synthetic and other fabric.
  • To go ahead the process, comes the cutting and stitching part to the fabrics and is followed up by Checking, Processing and Packing.
  • Generally, the Production capacity in an average manufacturing house is approximate 30,000 pieces of school uniforms which includes 6,000 pieces of children’s ready made garments, the data is put as per the results of a survey on the market demands.
  • In India, majority of players work on one channel basis which means they open up their own retail shop in the name of a brand in an area where minimum of 8-10 schools function, this helps them to cut the cost of middlemen.
  • And also, majority of wholesalers have went online by either opening up their own online website or registering on marketplaces.


  • A School Uniform in India generally comes in form of a blazer, half/full shirt and formal pants. The most popular colour variants are white and grey/ sky-blue and maroon/ white and blue,etc.
  • Stripe School uniform Shirting, Checks School uniform Shirting, Chambray School uniform shirting are few of the type of fabrics used for manufacturing in India.


Quality is determined in terms of Anti Pilling, Color fastness, Durability, Dye strength, Shrinkage control and other parameters.

The other parameters to determine the quality comprises of:

  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti crease
  • Calendar soft finish
  • Fire Retardant and a lot more!


With more than a lakh schools, India is a huge market for the School Uniform Manufacturers. With a valuation of more than 200 billion rupees and over 10000 players in the market, it is said to be rising by about 20% every financial year.

Talking about the top players in the market is a hoax because the School Uniform Manufacturers market is dominated largely by unorganized and local players.

With the use of best in class facility made out of driving edge innovation, Fabrics Relaxing Machine, Sewing Machine, Cutting Machine, Printing Machine etc. Organized players have slowly started to take a foot in the market.

School Uniform Manufacturers in Mumbai have been the largest contributor with about 15% in the market. They are supported by the fact of amazing transportation services inform of air ( accounts for 2/3rd of air traffic in India) rail and bus services which help the manufacturers in the city to connect with the international manufacturers and the national retailers for efficient trade services.


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